Sep 8, 2012

Cooking Tips and Healthy With Nutrition Complete

Cooking is very important for a woman. It's in the cook Nowadays women do not matter, but actually cooking it is the duty of a housewife, if we are aware of. These days many women for careers, so the cook probably the last number. We may still be a career woman to help her husband make a living, but do not forget to also carry out duties as a wife. If you all really busy and no maid, popunews will show some tips about cooking. Actually, cooking is not as hard as you think if we intention, skilled, creative and use science cooking recipes, and finally do not be afraid smelly and dirty. With these tips you will get the results insaallah steady and good, if you cook it yourself surely add romance in the family and will know the tastes of the family.

Come together to learn to cook, you're afraid the time out to cook? Do not be afraid because there are also easy to cook recipes, practically, a short time and produce delicious dishes. Want to know the recipe read only recipes that have been presented diartikel popunews, there is provided a variety of recipes from the infant to adult menu.

Here are some tips on cooking with complete nutrition and healthy course:

ini merupakan gambar makanan sehat dan bernutrisi lengkap

1. healthy & nutritious foods:

* Contain nutrients: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals.
* Does not contain formaldehyde, dyes, preservatives, and should use reduced use of flavoring ..
* Sanitation and hygenis. regarding sanitation and cleanliness of the kitchen utensils .. especially the use of the sponge should be changed frequently and dried kudu., because germs can quickly berkembangbiakdalam wet conditions. hygienic concerns personal hygiene / hand washing as the cooker before cooking,. hair tied or closed with a chef's hat, kudu nails clean.


* How to cook nutritious vegetables that tetep wash vegetables, then potong2. use when cooking pot lid in order to perfect ripeness and should jgn too ripe because vitamins and proteins are not heat resistant.
* To avoid the risk of cancer, first soaking the meat in a mixture of herbs that were given olive oil. Similarly mixed lemon juice before baking. Both ways it can reduce the formation of HCAs and PAHs chemical compounds in the body.
* More often processed foods by grilling and using the oven. Should minimize cooking by frying.
* If forced to fry, use healthy oils, such as corn oil, vegetable oil or olive oil. Also use the type of oil for sauteing.
* Occasional cook food by steaming or boiled.
* When the chicken meat processing, try to dispose of his skin, or select veal that does not contain a lot of fat
* Knowing how to cook to be free of fat and cholesterol as well as selecting the type of food consumed.

2. practical

"'Practical and convenient'" neh just right for that temen2 "'kos'" ers or who else was busy. essentially cook quickly sorted out. And cook Indonesian food is rich in spices and herbs need lots of time khan most prepperingnya long, must be pulverized-grind .. soaked .. knead and complicated again ... timing is everything!.
But once lg ga worry it's easy to cook .. jd resep2 is that there must be practical and easy like: fried noodles, fried rice noodles, soups, omelets, stir fry, fried egg, salad, spagheti.tumis fish filet, teriyaki.

3.Ekonomis and save

cheap certainly seen its price dunk. but actually I think that is important utilize existing materials. so do not dwell pokonya recipe makes its own innovation with existing materials. Do not stack the finished mubadzir groceries.
for example, we make mo spaghetti no meat ya ga tp use existing materials such as tuna or mushrooms. because if we stuck with the original recipe brarti must provide time and funds. and if food stocks are also stacked the ujung2nya kebuang mubadzir.
when we cook excessive but dah'm bored with the menu can be made 2 ways to enter into Freazer or dioleh be a different menu. the saving tuh ..

4. Yummy food

Delicious it means fitting the composition and taste. essentially matched the tongue. so bad it is relative. Importantly cook also needs to really influence your mood and taste.

5. cook fast and quick trick:

* Know the basic cooking technique. Cooking is fun, do not believe? Here you can experiment about the ingredients and seasoning mix. But with the condition, basic cooking techniques have been mastered. Such as frying, peeling ingredients and knew the names of spices.
* Make kira2 planning what would be cooked a week. trus make a shopping list and have to obey to the list that we'll make a saving.
* Purchase and preparation of materials: The amount of adjusted with refrigerator and freezer capacity. 1) meat and poultry: meat iris2 accordance with our menu planning and cooking packs per serving. Can use the former or take away plastic box with plastic freezer bag. Mark parcel TSB with different kinds of meat and date of purchase. Season the meat and chicken, for example, can be spiced up with a little soy sauce + garlic, soy sauce + pepper + sweet + garlic, soy sauce, honey, garlic + pepper or whatever one wants to cook. For faster cooking chicken if want to buy that filet. 2) For the fish: buy fresh fish that already in the clear, wash and season, enter the freezer. or if lazy to use a complicated fish filet. 3) In order to buy 3 days segali vegetables to make it more fresh than cabbage, peppers, carrots, eggplant, pumpkin. more durable. 4) For the seasoning. Let plasticity trivial tp kalo ga pentingggggggg bgt one seasoning ingredient can reduce mood cook let alone taste. moreover we are here away from neighboring stalls .. less garem wrote trus must grab a bike wearing a complete outfit. So, for example, provide a common seasoning Seger onions, fresh garlic, salt, pepper, sugar, seasoning powder. if there is time to make stock rempah2 fresh seh who already cut into pieces like galangal, ginger, lemongrass.
If you want to create your own flavor, especially the seasoning For Indonesian cuisine, for which banyakan and store in refrigerator. Can ngikutin recipe Rudi Choirudin tuh. For storage, put a little oil on the surface of spy seasoning morbidly oxidized by air and bacteria / fungi is more difficult to breed.
* Start with the easiest recipe. This suggestion is suitable for those who have never 'jump' into the world of cooking. Once you luck and success, the next day you will be 'addicted' to return to try other recipes that stage more difficult. The most simple recipe fried rice, scrambled, soup, stir fry vegetables / chicken / fish / meat.
* Always use fresh groceries. Do not expect your food can be processed thumbs up if that is a vegetable that has been a week in the refrigerator and spice that has long kept. For aroma and flavor materials is reduced
* Do not be a slave to a recipe book. As the handle cooking, recipe book is very necessary to guide. But that does not mean you can not experiment to taste. If you do not like cabbage, you can replace it with mustard. If the anti on pepper, fine if you replace it with chilli
* Prepare ingredients and spices to be processed in one place. This method allows you to process food without any material left behind.
* Falling in love at first sight. That is, when presented, the appearance of the food must be appetizing through the eyes. So, do not forget the ornaments and containers appropriate for the present.

6. Cooking Tips

* If you need lots of garlic, peeled utuk there a quick way to not much time consuming. The trick, heat the garlic in the microwave for 10 seconds. As a result, the skin will instantly peel onions or garlic Mememarkan: Press the blade on onion (no need to peel the skin), after a bruising, onion skin will fall off easily
* Finely chop garlic: With special: Garlic is included in the special place that the bottom hole, then tekansaat boiled shrimp, shrimp that smells disappear, put into a pot of fresh celery.
* For pie that will be cut are not destroyed, many left on the cutting board, and easily retrieved, you should wrap pie first half.
* If you need only half of the onion, so the rest should last longer, cut horizontally and store the existing roots.
* In order for a piece of fruit and nut spread evenly in the cake batter and no clumping at the bottom of the cake, sprinkle with flour before adding it to the dough.
* Always peel the leaves letuce sheet after sheet. Do not ever cut it with a knife because it will taste bitter.
* If cooking noodles or rice, so that water does not spill out, add a tablespoon of butter or oil to the cooking water.
* Pastry were processed using cold water will be crisp. Conversely, if the use of hot water, it will clot.
* To get a sense of the more delicious when processing salad, you should apply first before filling a bowl with mayonnaise mixture with vegetables or other spices.
* Want to decorate the cake the easy way? First picture of the pattern on the cake as you wish with the help of a toothpick. Then take a bottle of ketchup / sauce empty, fill with colored sugar, and spray slowly over the image patterns that have been created with the help of toothpicks earlier.
* Boiled eggs will peel more easily if so ripe directly lifted and placed in a bowl of cold water for a few minutes.
* Use the pungent spices (such as galangal, lime leaves, lemon grass, basil, ginger) when cooking mussels. The goal is to reduce fishy odor shells.
* To add cheese or other toppings should be done after meals cooked, so no hard or even soft.
If necessary, cooked again for 1 minute on medium heat so that the topping together with food

Cooking with a microwave

that is to temen2 aslii really busy. lho can also cook with the help of microwave
for example: fried eggs, rice, noodles, boiled eggs, soup, fish filet.

Cut food into small pieces so precocious
To fry dishes, reduce the water a third of the normal size, due to evaporation in the microwave is not as much as cooking stoves.
Choose a place to put larger meals and special for the microwave.

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