Sep 8, 2012



1. 25 grams of flour
2. pinch of salt
3. 1 egg
4. 250 ml of liquid milk
5. 2 tablespoons vegetable oil


1. 20 grams of margarine or butter
2. 5 tablespoons lemon juice
3. 50 grams of caster sugar

How to Make Cake Recipe ala pankeik English:

1. Stir flour and salt. Break the eggs on top. Stir.
2. Add milk little by little into the batter number 1. Stir until smooth. Add the oil and mix until dough is smooth and thickened enough
3. Heat the pan diameter 20 cm, asleep with oil. Pour batter spoonful after spoonful to make a thin omelette (less than ½ cm). Perform until the dough runs out


1. Asleep 1 sheet cake is still warm with margarine or butter
2. Sprinkle with caster sugar
3. Sprinkle with lemon juice to taste
4. Then roll like a roll cake Semprong and serve

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